Pelican Variety Pack

I’ve got some quick reviews of the Pelican variety pack contents, in case you need something for what’s looking like a hot weekend.

Kiwanda Cream Ale-I’ve actually already written about this and on further drinks, my opinion is unchanged.

28500102140_a09f65cfbe_cUmbrella IPA: there’s a fruity scent in the nose and it seems a bit odd until I look over the label: Ella hops, it says, to evoke kiwi and passionfruit. Passionfruit I think I get, kiwi not so much. But the fruity quality tries to make a reappearance on the back end and it clashes a bit with the bitter elements.

I’m not sure I’m down with this beer: the finish gets a little vegetal instead of clean and it’s making me chew on my mouth in a bad way, like I’m trying to rotate that flavor out.

Imperial Pelican Ale: Also going with the fruit notes, there’s a whiff of pine in there too. But what I like is that there’s a healthy sweet point right up front, before the beer finishes. The bitterness? That appears well after the fact-so much so I was a little surprised it was there. It’s strong though, and lingers in my upper cheeks long after the beer is finished.

So far, I’m enjoying it because it’s balance allows for the strong flavors at the end.

28500101630_2a2b598b7a_cDirty Bird IPA: I think this one might be tilting more towards passionfruit? It’s definitely fruity, but not citrus like. They do strive for some balance in this beer; there’s a touch of caramel in the middle though it doesn’t last long. The bitterness on the finish just…seems bitter, no indication of pine or grapefruit but on the other hand, it doesn’t stick around. This one is iffy for me.



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