Kono Variety Pack

As I catch up on my brewing (and replace bottles that were exploding-more on that at a future date) I thought it might be a good time to try some sample packs. I always like the idea of a variety pack, because of the opportunity to try new things at a low risk. I get that these packs are usually for people bringing something to a party because it potentially offers something for everyone, but I’m an everyone. So let’s see what there is for me.27924782215_6539f2c562_c

Big Wave Golden Ale: the nose devolves pretty quickly into something that smells a bit more like socks than hops. But the first impression is sweeter and makes me think that I might enjoy it.

Sadly, the flavors in the body resemble thin creamed corn. It’s not evil but I’m not sure why anyone would want to drink it.

Castaway IPA: would you like to drink marijuana? Because this has the skunky nose and finish of a dimebag and your appreciation of this beer is, I think, going to directly relate to how much you like that scent.

I gotta say: I’m OK with it.

Fire Rock pale ale: The nose is like sweatsocks. Used. After that goes away, the malts come forward and you have a fairly strong caramel flavor hitting. This runs through the taste of the beer and the finish is just a bit on the dry side. I actually like it, once the initial nose is gone.

27312638074_b332c9272b_cLongboard Lager: it’s got that gym sock nose that most lagers have for me. But get past that and you have a corn-tinged smooth beer that finishes just dry enough to make you want another drink.

Is it great? No. Is it for nachos? Yeah.