Common Ale: Deschutes Inversion IPA

Hey, it was hot last week and I needed some beer so I just picked up something I thought would be good. Plus, Deschutes has a good track record for me!

27432785406_2fe38bbbaf_cNose has a persistent but not oppressive pine quality. Nearly halfway through the glass and I’m still picking some up

The finish has a strong pine quality, no question. It’s almost, but not quite, as abrasive as chewing on pine needles. However that’s not a negative; more evocative, because this beer is clearly trying to push the hop notes, even for an IPA. What is important here is that the bitterness has a very, very light sweet quality to override and that makes a huge difference. Some people might go for the mouthful of hops-sometimes even me-but balanced beers are often far better and I can’t resent a commercial brewery that is making an undeniably drinkable beer.

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