Treat Yourself Omnipollo Symzonia

This is a $14.80 stout from Beermongers, the Omnipollo Symzonia. That name is quite a mouthful and I’ll tell you up front, I went into the store looking for something recognizable. I thought that maybe I’d been doing this series all wrong, trying crazy beers I would never sample instead of just getting awesome beers that I wouldn’t ordinarily spend money on. I might’ve had a more enjoyable experience if I’d done that, so I wanted to rectify it all by finding a beer I knew would be good.

Then I saw this:

Look at that label. It’s AMAZING. I didn’t know who made this beer or what it was but I just thought that I wanted whatever was in that bottle. I can’t imagine being someone who would look at a label like that and not think “well, I gotta at least check it out.” If that’s not you, we probably shouldn’t drink together.

27161928053_78a46756e8_kThe scent is all soft coco; like sniffing from slightly but not quite sugared chocolate mix. It’s kind of a relief, to tell the truth, to get a noseful of something I like.

The beer is…solid. It follows up on the nose for the most part. But on the very, very end, there’s a streak of coffee bean, espresso like but a little more jagged. It’s not bad but it isn’t quite what I’d hope.

I’ve let the beer warm up for about 10 minutes, so it’s not rough because of temperature. And truth be told, the edge on this beer isn’t enough to put me off of it. It’s a small criticism in what is otherwise a pretty tasty beverage.

As it gets a bit warmer, the dryness of the coco flavors really starts to become prominent at the finish. Again, it’s not enough to put me off. The nose starts to get a little more floral, with hints of vanilla in there to bring up some complexities.

I dig it and I might even consider buying it again.

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