Common Ale: Silver Moon Casual Ale

27164845236_4f3b732467_cSilver Moon is a brewery that I feel like I’ve had before but at the same time, seems new to me. Portland problems, I suppose: I can’t remember every beer I’ve ever had. What I know is that the beer is in a can (plus!) and I haven’t written about for this series (also a plus!) so let’s give the Casual Ale a shot.

Although, that name. Really? Casual ale? I mean, I’d be good with that if I was then informed somewhere what style the beer was but I didn’t see that. C’mon, people: Provide me with information. More data is better than less!

Nose has a bit of resin to it but after a few sniffs and a couple sips, that nose just vanishes like fog under sun.

The beer itself is going for Very Thirst Quenching, so the finish is emphasizing crispness, while still wanting to follow up on that resin note in the middle. With an ABV of 4.7% there really isn’t any backbone to this beer to help keep it all together. The lack of sweetness in the middle means that the bitter qualities on the finish really override anything else and it’s offputting. I know that the Casual Ale wants to encourage drinkability but without a bit more sweetness in the middle, the hops make this beer unbalanced and less than pleasant.

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