Treat Yourself: Yoho’s Yuzu Salt Ale

This ran me $4.75 for a single can. Granted, it’s being imported from Japan in order to command such a price so the real question is: Is it worth it?

Because after my last two beers, I’ll admit that I’m starting to feel rather dubious about this theme. Spending $28 on two beers I don’t like is not a good thing and throwing good money after bad makes me feel dumb.

The beer has a lemondrop nose. There is something salty about the scent, too. Like I’m sniffing saltwater taffy.

The flavor is pretty mild in the middle, with more lemon on the finish and again, just a touch of salt to it.

I’ve never had a yuzu before but based on the description, I’d have to say that this beer tastes like it’s supposed to. I’m not sure that it’s my bag, though. I do see the appeal in the summer months: whatever else I can say about the salt ale, it’s crisp and finishes clean on the palate. It’s precisely the kind of drink you want after you mow the lawn or while you’re sitting in an outdoor hot tub.

The real question, though, is: Is it worth paying $4.75 for?

I think it comes down to availability: Because I live in Portland, I can get anything I want. A beer style for any occasion. If I lived in a city with less access to such refreshments, though? I can see this being a nice treat to indulge in on the hottest evening of the summer.

Really, it’s just nice to have a beer I don’t hate.

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