Treat Yourself: Crooked Stave edition

Today I’m trying Crooked Stave’s Silly Cybies, a Belgian style dark ale aged in oak barrels with raspberries, that ran me $14.50 with an additional $1.00 corkage fee at Seraveza.

Which is a pretty spendy fee to use a glass, people.

I had some high hopes for this beer: Belgian dark ales work coffee and chocolate notes that often go well with fruit. Crooked Stave is a brewery that friends of mine rave about. Yes, they do sour ales but #notallsours are undrinkably sour for me. Plus, I just want to give this brewery a shot.

27340593232_9df7ee8285_cThe nose has a raspberry sauce scent;  not sweet but not sour, either. Tart is a good word; raspberries with a touch of vanilla, maybe a hint of woodiness? So that’s really promising. It’s definitely something I’d expect in to smell from a kitchen, boiled down tartness ready to put on a dessert.

It drinks like a sugarless blue raspberry soda. I have to admit, my initial impression here is a little disappointing, because the body of the beer feels quite thin. It shouldn’t: it’s a 9% beverage, and that means there ought to be some heft there, although by heft I am referring to a bit of viscosity on my tongue and perhaps some sweetness.

It’s the finish that’s doing it: north of sour and very, very bubbly, I’m almost put in mind of champagne.

As I continue to drink, though, its sour qualities begin to arrive in force. Very rapidly, I find myself not wanting to finish this beer because it’s turning my stomach into a pit of vinegar.

It this beer good? Is it bad? I’m having difficulty evaluating it properly, to tell you the truth.

It is not for me, though and perhaps that’s where I should leave it.

2 thoughts on “Treat Yourself: Crooked Stave edition”

    1. I am aware of this. Yet, I can just buy a pint of regular ale for $5 and consume it there.

      The corkage fee is there to encourage me to leave, which might be a little odd, considering they could sell me more beer.

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