Here’s Your Biscuit

26511963883_c5d941a085_cThis brew has a doughy-sweet nose.  The midrange is got a bit of roasted malt flavor in there, not quite coffee but definitely within spitting distance. The finish is very clean and that’s a huge bonus.

What I’m really pleased about is that this beer is a clear step above the last amber I made. It feels better on the tongue (a little denser) and has a richer flavor that I was shooting for last time.

Now, I’m not going to lay all of this on the addition of biscuit malt but…it didn’t hurt! It’s not quite perfect but it is pretty good. I’ll make it again.

Also: this was a beer I made with Imperial’s House yeast-a second use-and I feel like it worked out just fine. The clean finish on this beer really helps seal the deal for me.

Brew date: 2/15/16

Steeping grains
1.5 lb Belgian biscuit
3 lb Maris otter
1 lb 2 row
2 lb C120

Fermentables: 4 lb LME

1 oz Dom Goldings (from C40 pale)
1 oz Palisade @60
1 oz Palisade @15

Yeast: Imperial House yeast (2nd use)

forgot to get Original Grafity

FG: 1.018 (and this is a pretty solid number, I think)

Secondary 3/4
Bottled 3/6


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