Common Ales: 10 Barrel Riding Solo

Another review, another beer brewed by someone owned by ABInBev. While their big name pulls the latest stunt, I’m going to keep it small with 10 Barrel’s latest seasonal beer.

Lemongrassy nose. There’s a kind of blandness in the middle; it’s malty sweet enough but it doesn’t distinguish itself much. The finish is dirty and rough, spotlighting a beer that has gone awry, not one that accentuates whatever hop line they wanted.

26730360716_0e51af8ec2_cI wanted to like this beer. Hell, I would like to enjoy any six-pack that costs me $10. But I just don’t. Again, I’m not certain who to blame about this because it is possible that something went wrong in the distribution chain. However, theĀ  dirty finish suggests that this is a brewing error and that’s a bummer.

Or it isn’t, depending on how much you’d like to support 10 Barrel now that they’re owned by ABInBev. It’s a bummer for me either way, as I’m out $10.

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