Common Ales: Laurelwood Workhorse IPA

The kind people at Laurelwood told me via Twitter their Workhorse IPA was their best seller. So maybe Twitter is actually useful! I shall continue my experiment with this platform to see what it yields.

24980675939_fd1230fe67_cThe Workhorse has a grapefruit nose and while it isn’t overpowering, it does linger through the life of the beer. That’s nice, as I’ve had a few beers that drop out of the nose race and with IPAs, the imbalance ceases to be enjoyable very quickly.

But what I would be remiss to forget here is the malt, which helps establish a well balanced IPA. Laurelwood seems to have gone for the standard caramel flavor and I can’t object to it. The sweetness isn’t overbearing but it does help set up the beer for the finish.

That finish is dry, puts a sweep through my mouth to clear out other flavors. It’s just the sort of beer to go with some food or with more beer. I think I’d like another.

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