Birthday Recommendation (44th edition)

I was out and about for my birthday yesterday and I was able to try a few tasty beers.

25709576120_33dcdfb4d9_cThe favorite was easily the Commons’ Boysen (the third taster from the left), which was a great mix of dark malt and boysenberry and far, far too easy to drink at 13.8%. That is a compliment to the brewers, as well as a gentle warning to the drinkers.

It was a strange birthday in some respects, especially since I had expected it to be rather sad, up until just a few days before the event.

Being a person can be difficult and being an adult person even moreso. There can be a lot of expectations that fall through for multiple reasons, not least of which is: Adults are often busy people. Having a birthday can sometimes feel like an onus to put on them-hey, want to come out despite having no actual event to celebrate?

However, as my plans for the day started to fall into place-games & beer here, food there, walking through an unfamiliar neighborhood-I realized that I wasn’t getting the birthday I “deserved” I was getting one that I wanted. I got nice messages and got to see people I care about, I got to play games and I got delicious food and drink.

That’s pretty cool. So thanks, everyone.

Finally, I’m going to be out for the next week, so there won’t be any posts until April 4th. Sorry-I’m helping my Dad move and don’t think I’ll have time to write. See everyone in a couple weeks!


One thought on “Birthday Recommendation (44th edition)”

  1. Happy belated, may your dad’s move and time with him be meaningful and good, and thanks for your writing!

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