Rather Not What I Had In Mind

I’m still on a quest to make a decent pale ale and…well, the quest may be more Lord of the Rings in length instead of Green Mile in length. Getting it right is always a challenge worth taking on but I wish I had an easier place to point to where it’s going wrong.

Nose is sweet…hint of alcohol/malt sweet, a little veggie there but not vegetal. By that I mean, the sour taste of veggies isn’t present. It’s grassy, perhaps but not cut grass. So not bad, just not especially pleasing.

The malt is there; it makes a flashbang appearance but rapidly moves towards the bitter flavors. The bitterness isn’t terribly offputting, instead it’s almost textured. My mouth feels like I’ve had a very dry wine when it’s done, the bitterness is fading but still present.

It isn’t bad but it’s definitely short of my hopes for this beer. I can see this beer doing OK with some food; potato chips seem like an excellent choice for some reason. But on the whole, it just is a little too abrasive for the style, too focused on the back end and not enough up front to really love.

What is disappointing about this is that I dry hopped the beer in secondary for about 36 hours. Not very long, but the advice I got from better brewers suggested less is more here. A day, two at the most for dry hopping, before the flavors of the hops start to get ugly. Yet, there’s practically no hop nose to speak of. I suspect I should’ve used different hops for the nose but I wanted to remain consistent in what I’d used.

Brew date: 1.18.16

Steeping grains
6 lb full pint
2 lb C15

Fermentables: 4 lb LME

1.5 oz Falconer’s Flight, .25 Warrior @60
.5 oz Falconer’s Flight, .25 oz Warrior @30
.5 oz Warrior @5

Yeast: Imperial A01 House yeast

OG: 1.069

FG: 1.015

1 oz Warrior hops added to secondary on 1/29

ABV: 7.3%

2 thoughts on “Rather Not What I Had In Mind”

    1. In this instance, I don’t think the yeast is to blame. I believe I didn’t use the correct hops, or didn’t dry hop enough, in order to get the aromas I wanted. That lack of balance really hurt the beer.

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