On The Rail: Hawthorne Hop House

The plan was to go somewhere new-or at least new to the blog. I started off this plan on Friday but just couldn’t quite summon the gumption to leave the house. Saturday, I was going to head out but a friend pinged me and I went off to play cards with him. Priorities!

Sunday, I had some options but when I met up with a friend who was in need of food-preferably cheap food-it was off to the Hop House for their all day Sunday happy hour. Hard to object to a place with good food and an extensive beer list, so I didn’t.

25592135275_2bffe21a2b_cMy choice is Pints Dragonstone Abbey Tripel. It’s got a sweetness, coupled with a soapy quality making it sickly sweet. As the beer warms up, it does not improve. I had high hopes for this one, as the last time I was at Pints I found the beer to be pretty good! This just isn’t working for me, though.

Next up, Backwoods Winchester Brown, which is better! Light with enough flavor to it that I can enjoy it. It’s served on nitro and I’m not sure if that is improving my experience but the base beer is good enough that I’d try it again.

But not right away, because Wingman’s Stratofortress is on tap and one should not pass up an opportunity to taste that beer.

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