More Toast, Please

25176592185_4e1dc16690_cThe goal here was to make an amber ale, with a focus on toasted, bready notes.

The nose is not very distinctive: a whiff or oranges, the kind you get when your first start peeling one. It’s good but I’m surprised there isn’t more intensity, given the head.

A bit of malt sweetness in there, which is not too sweet and the finish isn’t very bitter or dry. All in all, a solid, drinkable little beer! However, I was hoping for something a little more toasty, not quite as sweet.

I brought this to the local homebrew club meeting and the response I got was fairly positive, which is great. I mentioned what my intentions were, though and one fellow promptly said, “Biscuit malt.”

Well, of course. I mean, it’s so obvious, as soon as someone smarter than me points that out….

Oh well. OK, next time, biscuit malt!

Brew date:

Steeping malts
2 lb pale wheat
3 lb Maris otter
1 lb 2 row
2 lb C120

Fermentables: 4 lb LME

1 oz Glacier, 1 oz Palisade @ 60
.5 oz Glacier, Palisade @30

Yeast: Wyeast American Ale 2

OG: 1.075

FG: 1.014

Secondary on 11.21

Had to add Windsor dry yeast after 24 hours to get fermentation going.

Bottled 12/5

ABV: 8.3%

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