Sympathy for the Devil(‘s Mother)

24424159773_2d24defe06_kThis is the third time in about a year I’ve taken a  swing at an imperial milk stout. The results are starting to speak well of my process, I’m happy to say.

The nose is like chocolate milk mix. The flavors run along with that, except with some coffee mixed in. However, it doesn’t have any acrid notes at all. There is some bitterness but it’s not very hop oriented at all. Of note: I avoided these bitter flavors by steeping the dark malts in cold water I was going to brew with the night before I brewed. Just filled up my pot of water and let it sit overnight with the malt.

As the beer warms up, it gets smoother but it also marks a rise in the coffee flavors of the beer. It’s a pretty significant shift away from the sweeter qualities but it’s still very good.

All in all, it tastes a lot like the second batch of Devil’s Mother, and that’s pretty cool! It’s a hell of an accomplishment to be able to replicate a beer.

However, what feels even better is the responses I’ve gotten from not only friends but other homebrewers. Everyone’s been really impressed with this beer and that has felt really good.

Brew date: 12/6/15

1lb Black Patent, 1 lb Chocolate .5 Blackprinz 4 oz cocoa nibs steeped overnight
3 lb 2 row
4 lb pale
7 lb LME
1 lb milk sugar

Hops: 2 oz Nugget hops @60

Yeast: White Labs London ale yeast, starter made

OG: 1.1

FG: 1.034

Bottle 1/1/16

ABV: 8.9%

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