They might be right, but I don’t have to like it

I suppose I’m being a bit of a snob here but when I read that fruit adjunct beers (beers that have fruit syrup added) are the next big thing, I feel a little sad. In college, this would be a little like having people find out I liked heavy metal, and having them tell me how great they thought the Bullet Boys were.

I mean. You can like what you like but that ain’t heavy metal.

Then again, I see people who like heavy metal now and I have to admit my tastes are on the popular fringe. What a lot of metalheads are excited about is just too out there for me. So it is with beer.

Although, I’m not sure that we can say that the rise of alcopops is really ‘out there’. That’s really more like the rise of Nickleback when bands like Cloudkicker exist.  But I had friends who tried the alcoholic root beer and dug it. Hell, I didn’t even find it horribly offensive (it really did taste like root beer and I like root beer). It’s just disappointing to see people go for the shiny candy when something even better from a crafting and style perspective is two feet away. Junk food is still junk food.

The other projections seem really obvious (breweries will close), really unlikely (defining Black IPAs or CDAs) or hopefully avoided (nitrogen in everything!)

CDAs are incredibly difficult styles to nail down: I’ve seen events where even the man who wrote the style guideline had difficulty picking the same CDA out twice. I think there’s a lot of wrangling to go before it gets settled.

The problem with nitro beers is laid out in the article itself:

…but the problem is a lot of them will be bad or uninspiring.

Exactly. Adding nitrogen to beer is a gimmick of technology that doesn’t actually improve the beer and I don’t think it will take long for consumers and brewers to figure that out.

Make good beer. Repeat. It’s not easy but it’s not gimmicky either.

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