Hoppiness vs Bitterness

This is just a nice article that I felt pretty clearly delineated the difference between the two subjects. It’s good to remember these things (for myself), especially since hops have multipurpose uses in beer and because I’m starting to work on making a pale.

Reading this also gave me an idea for the next hop-oriented beer I make: Maybe I should try and add the bulk of the ops in the last twenty minutes or so. I’ve had difficulty getting any real hop character in the nose of my ales, so I’m thinking this might be worth a shot.

2 thoughts on “Hoppiness vs Bitterness”

  1. Dry hopping gets you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of a “nose”, but I also like to do a substantial addition at 5 minutes. Aroma is crucial to enjoying a beer, whether the focus is hops, malts, or the lovely smells that some yeasts produce. Good luck with that Pale!

    1. Thanks! I may need to get back to dry hopping, because I’m just not getting what I’m hoping for from my current processes.

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