On The Rail: Baileys (Chetco edition)

I should come Bailey’s on an early Sunday more often. It’s not too crowded, the music is jazzy (which is a nice change up from hip hop) and it’s bright enough that I am getting a pleasant change of pace from my usual nighttime drinking vibe.

I went with the Chetco imperial coconut porter because I’d never heard of Chetco brewing and this coconut porter is…not bad. The coconut is there; sweet and definitely present in the finish. The chocolate elements are there though, and this beer isn’t too weighty on the tongue so it’s working so far.

Unfortunately, as it warms up the coconut starts to become more pressing on the taste buds and that is less appealing to me. I only have myself to blame though: I knew the risks.

On the other hand, I was wise enough to have a small glass of this porter, so I can afford another glass of something else. Sometimes, it pays to drink small.

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