State of the (Craft) Union

Edit: I’m sorry, this was meant to go up last Wednesday!

Sorta kinda.

I’m off to Vegas today so there won’t be any more posts until next week: hopefully Wednesday I’ll have content and then Friday should be a good day to recap the beers I tried in Nevada.

I read a couple articles though that look at the challenges that craft brewing is facing, the first is on the overall challenges of having a thriving craft industry in this country.

The second has a little overlap with the first but is far more about how the big brewery (now that InBev and SABMiller are merging) business is trying to take back the space in the market that craft brewing is carving out. I’m reading between the lines a little but there definitely seems to be a bit of a warning in there.

It does not escape me that this warning is coming from an online magazine with close to twenty-seven titles under its umbrella.

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