On The Rail: Slow Bar

The original plan was to head to the Loyal Legion but it didn’t have enough space for me to sit and write. Fortunately, the Slow Bar is nearby, awesome, and has room. Big Business and Led Zeppelin are on the speakers which I’m always good for, and there are two different foreign language films on the tv; one in black and white, possibly A Girl Walks Alone At Night, the other a war film out of Asia with a plot that looks like a riff on the Spartan legend of Greece but set around WW 1 and involving tigers. I don’t know how anyone could be unhappy about this.

The Slow Bar feels too big. I don’t know why I haven’t noticed before, though. The ceilings are absurdly high and the lighting deliberately muted, making the place seem far more cavernous than it already is.

Summer’s last gasp is here. The day was hot; Slow Bar’s front door is open in acknowledgement but the cold and wet weather is coming. Everyone knows it and most of us are grateful. Still, those warm nights are nice and I’m glad to have a few comfortable ones before the gray takes over.

Man, the Duchesse is a good beer. I don’t really have anything I can add to this: that beer is excellent and known worldwide for a reason. But as a gateway to autumn, perhaps the Duchesse is just the thing. Everyone else is going to be about the fresh hop IPAs in a matter of moments in that last gasp for summery, fresh grass notes in their ales.

Let it go, I say. I’m in a cavern bar, celebrating the end of Summer. Give me the slightly sweet slightly tart bubbly drink, that looks like something out of a witch’s cup.

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