Clean Water Project

I suppose I ought to disclose that I know some of the people working on this project, especially since it’s connected to the Oregon Brew Crew.

Still, I believe it’s very cool and who better to evangelize about water systems than people who are looking for and to make the best beer ever?

Let me back up: the Clean Water Project is an extension of the unfortunately named “Toilet to Tap” initiatives that people have been working on to help recycle and reuse water. Since we know that the average brewery can use up to ten gallons of water to produce one gallon of beer, looking for methods to reduce and recycle water is a pretty important thing, even if we could disregard the drought conditions that the US has been enduring on the West Coast.

While the video of the CWP is from last year, the contest has continued into this one, which has helped bring more attention on to the  reuse and treatment of water. As someone who thinks this is really cool, I have finagled my way into checking out the competition on Saturday! If nothing else, I hope to talk to some people about what they wanted to do but if all goes well, I’ll get to try some beer and talk about how it tasted.

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