On The Rail: Portland Cider House

Today has been a pretty good day. A friend from out of town has come to visit and another friend has had his missing cat found and returned after a month away. By any reasonable metric, that is a good day.

So, let’s go to the Portland Cider House and have a drink to celebrate. Alter Ego’s Guardian Angel for me, a cider with blueberry & pomegranate blended in.

This is pretty tasty: the blueberry is fairly prominent, the sweetness of the apples probably keeping the tartness of the other fruits in check.

It’s not a evening for deep writing, for observations. We are relaxing and riffing on each other, we are taking a slice of someone’s overwhelming joy over a lost friend found and returned. It’s hard to write, even when I’m given permission, when the sheer necessity of being in the moment is so dominating.

So I’m not going to do anyone a disservice by ignoring that. The cider was good, the atmosphere is pleasant and the staff helpful. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some clever quips to make to some old friends.

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