NAOBF (2015)

Happy International Beer Day! I mean, sure, it just looks like another day to have a beer but…

With the OBF in the rearview mirror, the North American Organic Brewer’s Fest is fast coming up. And…they gave me a pass to it. I am clearly playing the long con to be considered a “reputable” source on matters beer.

After looking over the lineup of beers, I have to say my feelings approach cautious optimism at best. I’m just not a fan of CDAs, black lagers don’t do it for me very often and as always during a summer festival, there are a whole lot of fruit beers. Fruit beers are always challenging to do well. When they’re good, they’re very good but they are very good with great rarity.

I see quite a bit more ciders than I remember, though so there might be some interesting drinks in that area and there are a few breweries like Coin Toss or Vagabond that I’m not very familiar with. I won’t be going until Saturday though, so the review will have to take place after the fact. Still: let’s see what they got!



One thought on “NAOBF (2015)”

  1. Didn’t have an organic beer. Had “not your daddy’s root beer” which, if I was naming it would have been “not your children’s root beer.” Anyway, tastes like root beer. Hmph. Not what I want in a beer. Too sweet. Too sticky. won’t go away from my mouth. AAAAGGGHHH!

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