Under Your Tongue

The timing for this beer could have been a little better.  Don’t get me wrong; when it’s hot out, cold beer is still cold and that’s hard to argue with. It’s not the most refreshing style or accomplishment on my part, though and when there is no such thing as air conditioning, that can be a little troublesome.

This red ale has a floral nose–but not a strong one. The bite on the finish is pretty solid though. Not citrus and not resin either. Woody, I suppose? Good word for it.

Woody is a good word for this beer all around. There’s a solidity to it. This may also come from what feels like a  higher alcohol content. It sits on my tongue a bit, even after the effervescence is gone, a bit of bitterness there to linger. Looking at the numbers, this beer shouldn’t be heavy but it doesn’t feel that way so I’m wondering if I made a mistake recording the numbers.

It possible but it doesn’t negate the quality of the beer; it’s still pretty solid! Just something I may want to pay more attention to next time.

Brew Date: 3.29.15

Steeping grains
2 lb C60
1 lb Medium Brit Crystal
1 lb 2 row
1.5 lb Carapils Dex

Fermentables: 7 lb LME

1 oz Summit @ 60
1 oz Nelson Sauvin@60
.5 oz Summit & .5 oz Nelson@30
.5 oz Summit & .5 oz Nelson@5

Yeast: Windsor dry yeast, with starter made

OG: 1.069

FG: 1.028

Bottled 4.26

ABV 5.55%

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