Disneyland, NYC, we got Mickey Mouse, We got Pornography

My trip to New York was a pretty intense adventure: lots of awesome people, a level of humidity I haven’t had to endure since my visit to Baton Rogue, and a whole lot of beers I hadn’t heard of or hadn’t drank before. I wasn’t able to take notes on everything because sometimes I set aside time to visit or I just didn’t have the tools on me to take notes.  Still, I had some interesting stuff and for the next couple posts, I’ll be presenting my somewhat edited notes; enjoy!

Coney Island Mermaid pilsner: that is just too damn bitter on the finish. The rye malt the label says is added does give the beer a nice spiciness but the bite on the finish doesn’t make it a very easy drinking pilsner. I suppose this might slide in under the Classic American pils rules but the bitterness is strong enough that I don’t see it.

(Days later I would have another and I found it far more enjoyable. I’m not sure what may have changed, except for this: I had my initial taste from the bottle, and my second beer was on draft.)

Founders Dirty Bastard scotch style. This is not bad on the first sip. The 8.5% ABV means that it’s about as dense as it should be for the style. I find myself unhappy with the finish, though. Vegetal? Overly hopped? The finish is a little acrid, is what I’m finding. There’s some nice caramel malt in the nose-C60? Maybe C80 malt. Once again, sticking the landing is difficult. I feel like I’m missing something. Checking the style, peaty qualities may be present and I wonder if that aftertaste I’m not enjoying is their attempt at adding some smokey characteristics to the beer?

Threes brewing Unreliable Narrator IPA
This is a fine example of the English style IPA, well balanced with hop presence but not hop domination. The hop nose is fresh, almost grassy and man, do I like this beer. I’d have another, if I wasn’t so hellbent on trying something else they did.

Threes brewing Words Have No Meaning: beire de Miel-
This is a pretty nice farmhouse ale, which is light and…horseblanket nose? The finish is dry, and there’s an herbal bitterness there that I dig on. This beer wants some pretzels! Yessss…

My Dad would really like it at Threes. It’s cool, there’s good music (60’s R&B, 70’s dance) and there’s good beer and…yeah, he’d dig it. Come visit NYC, Dad, go to the Threes Brewing and have a beer. Hell, everyone should check it out. Place is awesome and has good beer.

Other Half
Man, this is the sketchiest entry to a brewery ever.  Inside, the walls are fucked up, old clocks, metal hoops without any purpose, I think this hasn’t seen a can of paint in 40 years…

Got the Boogie Board Stuntz collaboration with Bunker brewing. It’s…meh. The finish is dry enough but it really does’t have much to impress. The beer finishes a lot drier than I would expect and it isn’t all that. I would’ve hoped for more from a kolsh on a hot muggy day like today.

Tried the Green Diamonds next on the recommendation of a patron and it WAS better. Quite a bit better. But I couldn’t get any nose on the beer (and it’s an imperial IPA) which is a pretty hard knock against it. The grapefruit qualities on the finish weren’t incredibly bitter and even tilted slightly sweet to help keep the ale balance. All & all I have to say that it just didn’t impress, though.

One thought on “Disneyland, NYC, we got Mickey Mouse, We got Pornography”

  1. Last night I could drink the Founders Dirty Bastard here in Spain (on tap), and my sensations were like yours. Caramel, hints of peat, I think that is a great beer, but I feel like I’m missing something, too.

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