On The Rail: Horse Brass

I’ve arrived at the Horse Brass at an opportune time, since finding a chair on the rail is something I don’t expect here. But sometimes you get lucky and tonight is one of those times.

It is a little strange to see the Horse Brass in ‘almost-lively’ mode. Usually it’s filled with the hordes or very, rarely but occasionally it’s low key. This in between state makes it feel like a different bar, almost, like the karma here is all off.

I drink a Bayreyther Aktien Original 1857 Helles Lager. The title is a bigger mouthful than the beer! The hop finish on this one is subtle but there is a waft of bitterness over the tongue, along with the crispness of the carbonation keeping the finish clean. It’s a sweeter beer-almost surprisingly so, with a bready quality that I find pleasing. It’s been muggy in Portland for the past few days so this beer works rather nicely right now.

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