Lagers Are The New Black

What goes around, comes around.

After a near relentless focus on ales for the past two decades, in part because lagers were sealed up as far as the market was concerned, craft brewers are (apparently, or at least according to this article) turning their attention to lagers.

This article is solid for a couple reasons; first if you don’t know what the difference between an ale and a lager is, it does a fine job of explaining that. Second, it does a reasonable job explaining why lager styles are being made by craft brewers and why American craft brewers have a chance to make inroads in the beer drinking populace with the style.

As always, I feel this is a good thing. There is no perfect sauce, there are only perfect sauces, as they say. More interesting beers to drink is better than less and summer is almost here.

2 thoughts on “Lagers Are The New Black”

  1. Hello 🙂
    In the spanish blogger community, we were talking about lager scene (sorry, is in spanish -> Too many people (geeks) debunk “pale lager” style instead of IPA, Imperial IPA and beers with tons of hops…
    But for some time now, a few breweries are brewing lager beers, some of them are “hoppy lagers”, othes brewing helles, but only breweries with certain reputation…
    Lager is coming… 😉


    1. Let’s hear it for Google Translate then! (That helped me get a sense of what your post was talking about.)

      I wasn’t aware that Spain was as interested in ales, either. So thanks!

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