On The Rail: Prettyman’s General

Prettyman’s General is a space I don’t quite know what to make of. There are odd tables, things you could put your drink on but nothing else because they look like Tetris pieces stuck together. The seats at the bar have been resurfaced but otherwise left alone; hard, wobbly stools made of steel. For no particular reason I can suss out, antlers are stuck to the wall.

It’s exceptionally chill at the moment. The sun is out today so it feels brighter in here than it actually is but at night, I have a feeling that Prettyman’s contracts, drawing it’s patrons into a quiet, dim area where people talk about soft gossip and bedroom smiles. But I also see a tray with board games in it-Risk, Othello-so maybe the inverse is true. Board games usually encourage some kind of lively human activity. So who is this place for? I don’t know.

Natian’s Undun Blonde has a maltier, wheat nose but the finish has a nice hop bite to it-nothing too intense, just enough to set the sweetness of the middle off. After it all passes, there is a palatable flavor of wheat that creeps in- a counter to the counter. It’s a pretty easy ale to drink: I could see myself enjoying many on a warm day.

Overheard the bartender telling some future patrons that the Blazer game is going to be on the screen tonight and ‘it’s going to be frikken packed’. Hm. Maybe when the sun goes down, Prettyman’s becomes a riotous hive of local grinning drinkers.

The same bartender pours Irish whiskey over a single ice cube that fills the entire glass. The ice cube is far more interesting to me than the whiskey, smooth as a mirror yet easy to see through, ice that somehow increases the quality of the liquor poured over it. She gives it to a man in a blue tshirt that says “It’s Willamette, Damnit” and looks far too grumpy to be having a double whiskey at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Although I suppose if I had a reason to be drinking double whiskeys in the afternoon, I might be grumpy, too.

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