On The Rail: The Commons

The interior of the Commons is so new, I have to stand at the rail. This is…uncomfortable. I won’t lie to you: this is a building for people who work for a living and I’m currently standing on cement. I see some tables to my right but those are new from my last visit. People stand around barrels and the space at the rail is limited. Nothing is comfortable for long.

But the 3rd anniversary bourbon barrel stout? Oh man. Bourbon soft in the nose, rising through the thin head. It doesn’t run into the middle though; the bourbon flavors appear in the finish, warm, a touch hot. There’s also a density there, the weight of malt and alcohol and chocolate that lingers.

And it’s the chocolate that really makes this beer. It’s sweet and delicious yet somehow this beer still feels light. I realize this contradicts what I just said but I think that is a testament to the quality of this beer. It doesn’t have a viscosity that I’d look for in a stout yet this is clearly not a porter. Almost. Maybe. No; when I cut my tongue through a mouthful of the 3rd Anniversary Stout. I get just enough resistance to know that it’s definitely in the stout style.

The bartender tells me a that this beer is one they’re going to make every year and I couldn’t be happier to hear that.

Because for this beer, I’ll stand. They’re getting chairs; should be here in a month or so but until then I’ll do what I have to to do enjoy this beer.

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