On The Rail: Baileys (Ft George Edition)

I’m showing Bailey’s off to a friend visiting town and have recommended Trinity’s Chocolate River, based on my enjoyment of their Swingline ale a few weeks ago. She takes a sip of it and then cuddles it to her breast, looking out over the glass like a wolf ready to defend her prey.

I’m drinking the Fort George Optimist because I’ve had a few IPAs lately that have called into question what I like about IPAs. As in: do I really know what the hell they’re supposed to taste like? So I’m trying to recalibrate everything with another IPA.

In an attempt to get a scent of the Optimist I stick my nose in too far and snort IPA up my nostrils.

I do not advise this method of flavor testing.

Fresh grassy, pine notes though come through when I’ve wipe my proboscis and the bitterness on the finish reflects these flavors and not anything skunked. This sets my mind at ease: I’m not crazy, something is wrong with the beers I’ve been having!

Because I am just confident enough to feel like I have some authority about beers and styles but that’s not the same as knowing. After two other pale/IPA styles that were just not right, I started to wonder if I was just incorrect about what those beers should represent.

The Optimist helps set my palate upright again.

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