On The Rail: The Big Legrowlski

I’m at the Big Legrowlski because the owner of Glyph told me about it.  A growler station downtown? I wouldn’t’ve thought of that but it makes sense (people do live down here) and as a pub the Legrowlski handles itself quite nicely.

It’s conspiratorially dark, ceiling lights turned down to prevent overpowering the many candles, and the rail area is small. Tables are tiny encouraging people to create nuggets of privacy. Somehow, the man next to me is rapidly pawing through a document: I am stunned at his ability to read. I can only type because of the glow of my iPad.

There’s an event tonight; I’ve wandered into a party that doesn’t want me. People are dressed up and from what I can tell, there is a silent auction going on. I’m out of place but that’s more circumstance than anything else; the bartenders have been nothing but friendly and helpful. I just need to be here on an evening that isn’t centered around an event and is more about bar life.

I get Backwoods Big Cedar IRA. It’s got a woody note running through it but it’s a nice beer. A hint of chocolate malt in there and an element of hop bitterness on the finish all nicely tempered by the effervescence. It’s the kind of beer I’d like to try and make myself sometime. India Red Ales offer an opportunity for balance that is inherent to the beer: the darker malt offers the opportunity to keep the hops in check in a way that many IPAs fail to remember.

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