On The Rail: Baileys (Red Swingline Edition)

I’m tired. It’s a good night to sit at the bar, though, and sip Trinity’s Red Swingline ale. The title of “Wild India Session Ale” is total marketing speak. I cannot roll my eyes fast enough at such things. But the additional description of ‘coriander, tangerine barrel aged in French Oak’ I can totally get behind.

This is a sour ale but it’s very light on the palate. I probably got too much of it, though; my stomach is a little less than happy about the level of acidity. Still, it tastes very, very good, like tangerine soda. Or maybe tangerine white wine. I think I can recommend this, though for people like me (who might be touchy about the acidity), get the small pour.

Behind me I hear someone say:

“Well I think out here we’d form our own collectives you know? All that D.I.Y. shit we have out here. But you go to Kansas City and it’s gonna be every man for himself, man. Guns out and shit will be crazy.”

All I can think of is how liberal elitist bullshit that is. I don’t know what he’s talking about and I don’t really care. Humans; we’re not as awesome here or there. I quit listening.

I switch up to a Pliny the Elder IPA. I  think this is my last Elder. It tastes like orange gummy drops. If I wait long enough between sips I can eventually scrape the bitterness off my tongue. This is not an improvement.

I wonder if I’m getting old, being grouchy about the Elder IPA. This beer isn’t flawed it just hasn’t got any balance to it. Or maybe I’m just reacting to the hype. For something that people go out of their way to find and get really weird about when they see Pliny, I just don’t see the allure. I think this beer is ‘improved’ by its scarcity, since they usually only release it once a year. But the Trinity was tasty, so I’m calling it a good night.

2 thoughts on “On The Rail: Baileys (Red Swingline Edition)”

  1. On a totally unrelated note: the DailyKos has an an article “from the great state of Maine” about giving craft brewers special status (don’t remember exactly – forgive me) that will help them and also raise revenue for the state. Worth reading.

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