Nothing Happening

I like the Nothing Happening. It’s a pretty low key beer that has turned out better than I expected! There’s a bready smell, possibly from the yeast but I’m hoping the malt contributed to as well. A solid, long lasting head on this beer, with a nice amber color. Pretty clear, too!

The taste is definitely a winner. Malted, toasty flavor but it’s all very light. The finish is clean, effervescence contributing to the lightness of this ale; it just tastes good and is really, really drinkable. Hop presence is pretty low which isn’t bad: I’ve been trying to work more with malt lately anyway. A hint-not a strong one-of some bitterness on the finish is there but overall, this is a malt forward effort.

I suppose this might be called an ESB? I honestly don’t know. I failed to note the base beer style I was going for so now I’m just stuck with something I can’t categorize properly but is tasty.

Tough life, right?

Brew Date: 11.1.14

Steeping Malts
1 lb Caramalt
.5 lb Crystal
1 lb Medium Brit Crystal
.5 lb light Brit

Fermentables: 7 lb LME

1 oz Glacier @ 60
.25 oz mystery hop
.5 oz mystery hop @30
1 oz Glacier @5

Yeast: Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale

OG: 1.066

FG: 1.028

Put into secondary: 11.11
Bottled: 11.15

ABV: 5.15%

2 thoughts on “Nothing Happening”

  1. Sounds great. Maybe I’ll get a chance to try it soon. Don’t ya hate it when the details have gotten lost in the product? Especially when it’s a good product.

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