I Went To The Yardhouse

This is a 100% Portland problem, let’s just get that out of the way up front. If I was still living in Spokane, this place would be Mecca.

But I live in Mecca, so there isn’t any reason for a beer lover to go to the Yardhouse. It’s a manicured chain restaurant that would fit in anywhere, whose hook is that they have 100+ beers on tap. So you could try any style you want!

Except I already have that, because I live in Portland. Plus, I can do it somewhere that will sell it to me for $1 less a pint, in a place that has a lot more personality. Since the Yardhouse is a chain, you won’t see any choices on there that represent anything potentially challenging as a drinker, nor did I see an attempt to choose lesser known breweries. If you go to the Yardhouse, you’re there to experience the known.

What’s the point of that?

On the other hand, the Yardhouse may bleed some people away from my favorite spots, making them a little more cozy again and if that happens, that’s all upside to me.

2 thoughts on “I Went To The Yardhouse”

  1. I agree in concept, but suggest Yardhouse actually has a spot in Portland. Like when I’m hungry but not in the mood for nachos from Santeria. Or I have the kids in tow. Or I want to watch a game and not have to worry about finding a seat or being able to see a tv. Or I’m with folks that don’t share my love for beer. Or I don’t have time to get over to the east side. Yes, going to Yardhouse is experiencing the known, but sometimes that’s ok. Even in Mecca. Sláinte!

    1. I don’t disagree with your premise at all. Portland is certainly big enough to host a place like the Yardhouse and catering to all potential tastes is well & good.

      Although why you’d go to the Yardhouse with people who don’t share your love of beer is a bit of a mystery to me. That’s kinda what they do, you know? And there are so many options for good food & drink that it seems a bit superfluous.

      That said, I’ve been in situations where a beacon is necessary, where the waters are just too choppy to deal with and having that kind of “we know what we’re getting” event is precisely what is needed. I don’t resent that there are places for tourists (hello, Voodoo Doughnuts) but I do wonder who the Yardhouse is for, sometimes. And I suppose you’ve helped answer that, so thanks!

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