Shame On Me

You know how one of the last beers I made was sour, and I thought I’d fucked it up? Strangely, I can’t find the link to where I describe that beer. Internet fail! Dangit. maybe I didn’t write it up because it was a bad beer? Hm. Putting bad things out of your mind is frequently a good idea.

Anyway, I think I was using contaminated yeast because this beer has come out with the same sourness on the end as another beer I didn’t like. It’s pretty much identical from a flavor profile viewpoint and the yeast is the only commonality so it makes sense.

Now, the good news is that the undrinkable qualities of this beer isn’t my fault! I was using bad yeast, I just didn’t know it. On top of that, this was the last useage of that yeast so the rest of my beers should turn out just fine.

The bad news, of course, is that I have over 48 bottles of not-so-awesome beer to drink. Damnit.

Brew date: 10.12.14

Steeping grains
4 lb Munich
2 lb C60
2 lb Munich 20

Fermentables: 4.5 lb LME

1 oz US Tettang @ 60
1 oz US Halltertau @30
Handfulls of mystery hop throughout (approx 1/3rd oz

Yeast: Pacman yeast, 3rd use

OG: 1.062

FG: 1.018

Bottled 10.31

ABV: 5.96%

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