Denizens of the Dark

Fuz and I met up in Tacoma to attend Wingman‘s Denizens of the Dark beer event. It came with this rad Chuthulu glass and that was really all the excuse I needed to drink some dark, heavy beers. The mildly edited notes follow.

North Coast Old Stock: fruity, raisin, apple? Sweet. Not cloying. Dry finish. This has an oily, rich feel on my tongue I was expecting. But it pops on the finish, cleans up nice. Really, really tasty.

Wingman Heavy Bevy: Scotch ale oak aged

This beer needs to warm up, so I’m letting it. It’s got a woodiness to it but it’s not super dense, which I’m expecting. It is confusing me: I am expecting some viscosity, an oily quality and it’s thin. The oak character is there but I don’t want to savor this beer so much as just drink it.


Epic Big Bad Baptism: Holy moly this is good. Dark chocolate cocoa flavors all through, sllliiiiiight astringency a la coffee. Not much effervescence but just enough to keep it from weighing down on my palate.

And that was all I had!  Once again, the staff at Wingman was awesome and I’m glad I got to visit. Now we’re on to Friday and the Holiday Ale Fest. Should be a treat!


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