What Endangers Craft Brewing

Sometimes, I have to recognize that were I live just doesn’t reflect much of anyplace else. This article at Esquire is one of those moments.

The basic premise behind that article seems to be: New breweries are forsaking quality (in ways that are not disclosed) in order to promote a ‘locally sourced’ beer as part of their marketing. This leads to consumers ignoring beers that “ain’t from ’round here” if you will, in order to get the cool thing in town. This will eventually lead to a whole bunch of breweries going under, in part because they just aren’t producing quality product. It’s also bad for consumers because they will support a substandard brewery all in the name of localvore movements, instead of supporting the good brewery.

Now, while I don’t doubt that many, many new breweries are working out the kinks in order to produce a better beer, I am also certain that eventually, the market will hit a saturation point where breweries that are market savvy and (hopefully) producing good beer will survive and others will collapse. But what I don’t see is any trend of ignoring beers from other regions. At all.  Sure, it’s good to support the local people and they get easy press but I haven’t yet encountered anyone who has been dissuaded from drinking a beer because it was from Texas, instead of from Oregon.

It’s about the quality of the work, not the distance it has traveled to get to you.

Where I Want To Go: Bailey’s

Was listening to Maserati’s Abracadbracab on the way over and I doubt I could have found a better song for the evening: lovers making out on the Burnside bridge in a final night of summer, two-thirds of the moon in the sky with the sun quickly saying goodbye behind the west hills, leaving behind warm air like a really cool friend who leaves beer in the fridge for you.

I almost kept driving. Why stop? Keep going, go until the sidewalk ends. It can’t last so ride it out as far as the pony will take you.

Of course, in the case of Abracadabracab, that’s almost eleven minutes and then I’ll have overshot my destination and I still won’t have a beer. I gave it some thought, though. It’s the kind of night where the impulse to wander is strong.

Baerlic‘s Stay Fresh, an imperial alt ale with fresh hops is my choice for the evening. The front end is a bit roasty and then it leads into this full citrus flavor, but it isn’t a sharp thing. However, the citrus isn’t blending well with the roasted qualities. I feel that there is a clash in this beer, between some flavors that tilt coffee and the orange at the end that isn’t working for me.

Still, it’s a good and interesting enough beer that I’d try something else by them. And they’re new to me, with a brewpub (sorta) recently open in southeast, so I think I’ve got another destination in mind!

Uneven Haircut

So I either get this:

Or I get this:

And I don’t get a head on the beer nearly as often as I get no carbonation whatsoever. This is always disappointing and it’s weird in this case, because the beer is so inconsistently carbonated. Not that many bottles are carbonated but when it is,  the bottles will gush! Usually that’s the sign of an infection.

Except the beer doesn’t taste infected at all. It’s got a very clean, sweeter coffee flavor to it. Which is what I was going for, so that’s great! It’s very flavorful and worth drinking, it’s just flat. Which leaves me with a bit of a conundrum as to what went wrong.

My theory is that I didn’t mix up the bottling sugar well enough with the beer and some bottles were just overloaded with sugar. It’s not much of a theory but since everything else went right, I don’t know what else to say.

Brew Date: 6.23.14

Steeping Grains
1.5 lb Carared
1.5 Belgian Coffee malt
1 lb Mild ale malt

Fermentables: 7lb LME

.75 oz Liberty @ 60
.25 oz Simco @60
.75 Simco @10
.25 Liberty @ 10

Yeast: Breakside ale yeast-3rd use,

Bottled 7.23