Spokane 2014 pt 2

And now I conclude my Spokane adventures with more notes!

Trickster IPA from Coeur d’Alene. There is no body, there isn’t any nose, and it’s got a dirty bitterness on the finish. I actively hate this beer and don’t want to drink more of it.

Ramblin’ Road: dubbel (pictures) and Grisette. The problem is the aftertaste. In both cases there is a drymouth effect with a dusty flavor at the end and I ended up not liking either. This is a new brewery I’m told, less than a year old and there are close to 13 ales on tap. That is a huge chunk of work for a new place so I’m not surprised to taste beers that aren’t up to snuff. I think they may be trying to do too much in a short timeframe. Maybe in a year things will improve.

Perry Street Brewing pilsner: it is crisp and nice; has a reasonable ping of bitterness on the finish and is very easy to drink. There’s juuuust enough hint of body on the sides of my tongue to encourage me to appreciate this over a mass market pils. The day is just hot enough to justify a pils and I almost want some tacos to go with this beer, just because that’s what ought to be paired with a pilsner. Also: tacos are good.

The Double IPA doesn’t feel like a double IPA. It is quite bitter, that part is for certain. The lingering dank on my tongue is coating so they didn’t short the hops by any measure. The malt presence? Not so much there. This beer has a very nice golden color but it isn’t balanced…which, admittedly isn’t the point. The hop presence is so strong on the finish that I almost have to approve of it. This isn’t flawed, this is a beer saying: you want  hops? HERE

About halfway through the IPA, the bartender behind the counter and I have a chat; she used to live in Portland before moving back to Spokane with her husband who’s the brewer at PSB. Next thing I know, she’s introduced us and he’s taking me and my friend on a brief tour of the pub, which has a seven barrel system in the back that is as new and shiny as a whistle. He talks a bit about how they are trying to make this a neighborhood place and confides how much difficulty he has providing a name for his beers, a plight I can sympathize with myself. He tells me how he runs a 50′ hose from the brewery to the refrigerator to pump the beer into kegs and then we visit the fridge for a moment, while he pours us a little of his upcoming imperial farmhouse saison.

You need this beer. A gentle funkiness in the nose that leads to this well rounded wheat based beer with the barest touches of sour that just tastes excellent. So good. I would camp out at Perry Street while that beer was on tap, if I could. So thanks for the tour and the taste!

7 thoughts on “Spokane 2014 pt 2”

  1. ·I heard yesterday that Ramblin Road has a new, and very competent, brewer.

    ·That Trickster just smelled horrible; I can’t be certain that was the beers fault (maybe the draught system?), but I didn’t want it in my mouth.

    · Man, that Saison.

  2. Are you sure you have the right brewery? Ive always found Trickster beers to be clean and crisp. While they arent highly hopped by design, they are clean and refreshing especially the Kolsch. Ramblin Road has only one brewer (Brian) and aqain I disagree with your flavor profile. While you are you are entitled to your opinion I think you are way off base. A pretty brutal rating for someone who was here for how long???

    1. Since I take notes along with my photographs, I’m certain I had the correct beer. If Tricker’s IPAs are not highly hopped by design, then there is a flaw in their IPA recipe. Perhaps their other wares fare better, but you only get one chance to make a first impression.

      Ditto Rambling Road; the amount of time I spent here is irrelevant to my abilities to evaluate a beer. The ales I had from them weren’t ready for prime time and I believe I was quite fair to that brewery, acknowledging they were young (most breweries don’t get dialed in for at least a year) and that they may have bitten off more than they can chew. I didn’t have to suggest that there were legitimate reasons for those beers to be flawed, but I did in the interest of fairness.

      That you enjoy those beers is great! Please continue to do so. It is, as they say, just my opinion, man.

  3. I don’t personally have any opinion on Ramblin’ Road as I’ve yet to make it there, but I’ve got it on pretty good authority that a gentleman named Moose is, or soon will be brewing at/with Ramblin’ Road. That being said it is possible the information is incorrect and the person who passed it on got their breweries mixed up.

    I’ve never smelled a beer as terrible as that Trickster smelled when I lifted it to my mouth. I would definitely give that brewery the benefit of the doubt. No brewer would put that product out. There had to be other circumstances that contributed to that experience.

    1. Absolutely: I am not going to throw everything Trickster does under the bus because I had one beer that wasn’t good one time. A few tastes under different circumstances and then I can talk about them as a brewery but until then? Could just be bad luck & innocent mistakes.

      So it also goes with Ramblin’ Road; as a new brewery, with a new brewer? Could take some time to get dialed in so they are producing the beers they want to produce. They get another shot.

      That said; I had what I had and I stand by the experiences I wrote about, you know?

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