Where I Want To Go: Bar of the Gods

Tourist week part two! Another person has arrived for me to show off everything I can about Portland and we’ve met up right around dinner time, so it’s a prime opportunity to go to the one of the darkest bars I know that still has solid food, the Bar of the Gods.

I get a Zig Zag lager because I’m on a budget today (hey, it happens! The life of a beer writer is not all glamor and tasty beverages). The beer is good; unremarkable in the way of a solid lager, while still having some body to it, and it is nice to have something lighter with the heat that’s been glowering over the city like an unhappy uncle.  Sadly, the menu no longer has the meatball subs with provolone and bacon. Those sandwiches were worth starting your own country for.

I don’t let it get to me though; there are still things to show off around Portland! Mt Tabor park, a trip to the Horse Brass, an opportunity to redeem myself in the game of cribbage, which I did.  You don’t fuck around playing cribbage, man, even if the game is friendly.

My honor restored, it was time for a final visit to Bailey’s before parting ways.  The month is barely half over and I still have two trips coming up, so it’s going to be a heck of an August.

So many places to go, I’m going to be exhausted soon. I should do posts from home for a week.

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