Where I Want To Go: Stormbreaker

It is time to investigate a new(ish) place: Stormbreaker, where I have gotten the JCVDBD (Jean Claude Van Damme Belgian Dubbel). I bought it based on the name and I’m fine with admitting that.

The beer is merely OK. There is an orange pith flavor at that overwrites a lot of other possibilities so the sweetness of the beer, which is what I’m expecting, isn’t apparent.  However, I don’t want to judge on one beer (a seasonal at that) alone.

The next beer, Mon Petite Cherimoya, is much better. Slightly fruity, light, and very drinkable; the summery flavors, like papaya and strawberry, are there just enough to give an impression but not so much that this feels like a fruit beer. A hint of tartness about it? Overall, the Cherimoya is a lighter beer and feels like a good summer drink.

I want to come back here. I feel like there’s potential and I didn’t get to really investigate all that Stormbreaker has to offer. It’s got a huge outdoor tented space for Portlanders to use but I am not a Portlander: being in an outdoor environment does not interest me. Being inside is preferable and that would be problematic most of the time, as the indoor section is only about one-third of the space.

Yet the indoors is nearly vacant. Which is awesome for me because I really like the indoor decor: lots of wood and generally darker spaces. Fewer people, fewer distractions: I can enjoy it as it is. Oh, you Portlanders, go, get out into the sun. Away from me, let me drink my ales in quiet.

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