Washington Ales 2

This will be the last in the series (for now) of reviews of beers I was able to procure from Pint Defiance in Tacoma. Thanks for the recommendations!

Homefront IPA (from Fremont): Nose has a sweet orange scent like a gummi wedge. So when the bitterness kicks in hard at the end it is strange. The beer gets a little spicy at the end, and the caramel run in the middle keeps the whole beer in line, almost. The nose might be a little too candy influenced, I can’t shake the gummi drop scent and that feels a little weird. But I’d have more; it doesn’t finish dry, it’s got a reasonable drinkability to it so gimme some more.

I didn’t know Fremont brewed Homefront: if I had, I probably would have picked another beer, since I knew I was coming away with the double IPA. Oh well.

American Breakaway IPA: nose just wasn’t…apparent, maybe a tiny bit of orange? Maybe some malt in there, caramel if anything but it’s not strong. The midrange flavors just aren’t showing up either, which is a pretty big drawback. It just kicks up with strong bitterness in the finish. It’s just not encouraging me to drink more of it and enjoy the beer. Sorry, not this one.

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