NAOBF 2014

Despite an overcast sky and a muggy environment, I went out to brave the NAOBF last Friday. The upside was that it never seemed to get too crowded, so I could try any beer I wanted. The downside was that there were beers that looked like this:

Seriously. That…that is not beer. I mean, I understand they claim it is and it may even chemically be beer but that looks like a collection of bull semen. Don’t ask how I know.

So here’s the limited notes on the stuff that I did try:

Lakefront (pictured) Fuel Cafe Coffee Stout: Intense nose but mild coffee flavor and very drinkable and tasty.

Thirstybear Howard St IPA: basic grapefruit IPA, tasty,bitterness restrained in finish.

Three Creeks Greenwash IPA: smellled like farts and tasted like it was burnt. Dumped this.

Loowit Giabolical: Smells like pot, but is thin until the bitter finish. There’s just no there, there.

Ft George Pi: malted strawberry nose, which I liked, dry dirty finish. Nope

Falling Sky Biopiracy: (pictured): tasty, clean, sweet. This was my first beer of the day and a good one to start with.

Ambacht-G++: Hot finish, faint bourbon in nose. Fruit mish-mash flavor and I can’t get into it.

So there you have it! There wasn’t anything stellar but there were definitely some questionable beers. I know that visual presentation isn’t everything and I certainly have brewed beers myself that weren’t clear and sparkling but there were some ales that just didn’t look like enough love and care had gone into them.

Plus, I got a nagging sense that some of these beers were castaways, there because it’s a festival and whatever, people will drink it. I hope that’s not the case but there were so many beers that just didn’t work for me I start to get suspicious.


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