Washington Ales 1

I am going to continue to review some of the ales that I got from Pint Defiance in Tacoma, as seen in our last recount of my Washington State visit.

Sound-Sommerweizen. This brewery came highly recommended by the staff and I believe by Fuz as well. The beer had a real buttery quality in the nose and mouthfeel and flavor up till the finish, when it gets a bit spicy. Is that good? It isn’t bad.

But it’s so different that I don’t know how I feel about it, honestly. The spicy qualities on the finish-which must come from the yeast-do help give this beer a real liveliness that keeps the buttery qualities well in check. As a bonus, this beer works rather nicely with food! The dense qualities wash the food away and the spicy notes clear the palate up. This isn’t to suggest that the Sommerweizen is a poor choice to drink alone, merely that I seem to appreciate it better with a sandwich.

Verdict: Sound’s beers interest me but I’m cautious. Sampler tray before pints.

Fremont The Brother IPA

This is a bold stroke of grapefruit with hints of floral in it; it’s got such a juicy quality, I felt as though I was all but drinking an alcohol infused juice instead of a beer. The effervescence at the end helps cleanse the palate allowing for a bitterness that is definitely there but is not crushing.

The nose continues to waft up, even halfway through the glass; I’m amazed I can still get some scent, given the allergies that have kicked up lately, but I take that as a good sign. The label says that there was white wheat malt added and I guessing that’s helping give this beer some body that might not otherwise be there. This is still a very light beer, again suggesting that they went light on the malts but they had the wisdom to add some malts that would add body and support the hop push. At 8.5%, this feels about right.

Verdict: I could use more of Fremont’s stuff around.

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