North American Organic Brewers Fest ’14

I’m going to check out the NAOBF this Friday and if I’m lucky (and there is wifi) I may even use Twitter for it’s intended purpose: yelling about beer.

But if not, then look for some commentary next week, because that’s how I roll.

I’m rarely a fan of “organic” beer per se. I approve of every brewer’s attempt to conserve resources and use the best ingredients they can but all too often I am left feeling like the beer is substandard. So often, regardless of style, there is a ‘dirt’ flavor on the finish. And while I think we should always be striving for a better world, I don’t have to drink your mistakes. However, it’s been a few years since I’ve attended the NAOBF and I know for a fact that brewers can learn a whole lot in a short time about how to improve a beer.

So, let’s see what they got.

Of these, Falling Sky, Hi-Fi, Lakefront, Loowit, and ThirstyBear all interest me because I haven’t heard of them, so I’ll probably make those places a priority. Others like Widmer, Laurelwood, Lompoc, or Kells I feel will give me a beer worth drinking. Then there are some beers that I want to try because they aren’t IPA’s which seem to be the dominant style at the event; thankfully Logsdon, Golden Valley (even Widmer!) and a few cider places will provide options.

However, should that beer finish dirty…I will not be merciful.

2 thoughts on “North American Organic Brewers Fest ’14”

  1. You’ve never heard of Loowit or Falling Sky? Are you a Portland based beer blogger? Falling Sky opened in Eugene more than 2 years ago, and have been at almost every brew fest I’ve been to since they opened. Loowit opened 2 years in Vancouver; I’ve bought their 22 ozers at New Seasons. Couldn’t make the arduous 15 minute trip to the Couv?

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