When To Store

I’m not much of a fan for cellaring beer and reading this article at Draft puts me in a mind to articulate why (again).

Let me say again, though, that I understand. Human beings like to collect things. We often don’t like ending something and beer, once it’s gone, it’s gone. There is something to be said for saving up for a special occasion.

I even set aside two beers from every batch I make, to share with people who don’t get to have my beer otherwise. I do this in the hope that our paths will cross and I will have reason to share.

But life passes us by, every day. Endings; they are happening right now, as I write, as you read, something has completed a cycle and in some cases won’t ever return the same again.

What good does a hoard of things do, if it is not shared?

So every so often, if a visit from a friend is not on the horizon, I take my stored bottles and I drink them. The beer is old or getting old. I am not a professional bottle capper. The seals are tight but they are not machine strength. There is new beer, new things to try. Why insist on holding on to this beer for a mythical day?

Today is the day.

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