How To: IPA (drinking)

Finally, we get to the good stuff; drinking the beer.

There’s a faint grassy quality to the nose but its not overmuch and the beer overall? Pretty solid. Not too bitter and the malts hold up nicely.

I am pretty sure this beer would be called a pale ale ’round these parts. I probably didn’t add enough hops in secondary to really give it the kind of nose an IPA is expected to have, and it’s possible I should’ve added more hops in the middle of the boil but who cares! It’s good and that’s what matters.

4 lb 2 row
1.5 lb C60
.5 lb Wheat

3 lb LME

1/4 tsp gypsum salt

.5 oz Centennial in preboil
1 oz US Magnum, 1 oz Chinook @ 60
.5 oz US Magnum, .5 oz Chinook, .5 oz Centennial @15

2nd use of Wyeast British II

OG: 1.065

FG: 1.018

Secondary 3/30

Added .5 Chinook and US Magnum hops

Bottled 4.5
ABV: 6.4%

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