Craft Matters

In a changing marketplace, where beer sales, especially from big brewers, are down, it’s this article at NPR that helps explain (for me) why there is a wrangling over what “craft beer” means.

It’s about the money, of course. I should’ve seen that coming but alas, I was fooled (and foolish) thinking that these terms were about some insistence that one person or brewery is cooler than another. There’s even an attempt to ‘sell’ it like that in the NPR article; implying that the essence of craft brewing is being ‘watered down’.

But this is entirely about money and which breweries of which size need representation from an organization like the Craft Beer Alliance, and which probably need to exist on their own merits now, Sam Adams and Widmer chief amongst them. Of course, it does lead me to the question: who supports the ‘midrange’ brewers?

But maybe the better question is: do those brewers really need support? Clearly their business model is working. What more do they need from an organization that is supposedly all about the small businesses?

It does seem like there is a point where you can let go of what you had, because what you’ve got is so much better.


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