I Get You Mean Well

This isn’t a bad article from Men’s Journal on the 5 most commonly used hops.

My issue is that 3 of the hops (Cascade, Centennial, Citra) all use citrus as the descriptive baseline for the flavor and the other two mention tropical fruit and leafy qualities.

What needs to be emphasized is the differences, not the similarities. How do we tell that the Citra hops are not the Cascade hops?

On the upside, beers are suggested to taste to help make the comparisons, I just wish they provided more information about the flavors we should be looking for in order to distinguish between the hops. What flavors are we tasting in the Flying Dog IPA that tell us these are Simcoe hops and not Mosaic? The differences seem so subtle in the brief descriptions, I feel that in this instance, more would be better.

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