Stacked Dead Actors

Take a look at that, eh? Not too bad, if I say so myself. This is the second part of the experiments I did, this beer being the one that I tried to create as an “American IPA”.

Now, I’m not saying that Popular Mechanics is an authority on brewing but of the hops that they suggest make an American beer stand out, I’m using 3 out of 4. Must mean I’m doing something right, eh?

As for the beer; the citrus notes are more prominent than I expected they would be. I’m going to actually have to do some research, I think, and see if I can push the resin and pine flavors in a beer someday. Those are the flavors I associate with American IPAs and while there is an undercurrent of pine here, it’s not very strong at all.

I do like the malt bill here; the C40 and Munich are providing some nice body and balance to the beer and keeping the hops from going crazy. Have to remember that for next time.

Brew Date: 1.20.14

Steeping Grains
2 lb C40
2.5 LB Munich light

Fermentables: 7.5 lb LME

.75 oz Simco @ 60
.75 oz Cluster @55
.5 oz Cascade @30
.5 oz Centennial @30 pellets
.25 oz Simco, Cluster @5
.5 oz Centennial @ 5

Reused Hopworks ale yeast: 3rd and final use

OG 1.084

FG: 1.024

Put into secondary 2.1, added .5 oz Cascade to secondary

Bottle: 2.8

ABV: 8.1%

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