Godliness & Cleanliness

I spent the day listening to podcasts on sterilization.

I’m doing this because I recently had the opportunity to purchase some Star-San and I have no idea how to use it. Great thing about the modern age; the tools to learn stuff are a lot more accessible. It’s looking like a couple things are true:

You don’t need much of it and you don’t need a lot of water. So when I’m putting beer into secondary, I could use a lot less water sanitizing my equipment, instead of spending 6+ gallons just to clean a carboy, airlock and racking cane. Seems like such a waste. Plus, I can use small doses of Star-San when I’m making a yeast starter, and apparently it actually helps feed the yeast!

I’ll still use iodophor for the bigger jobs-bottling day works just fine-but if I can save water with this process then all the better.

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